1.) Initially, if someone told me they stole books I would be surprised, A book is not a thing a thief would usually steal. It would give me the impression that the thief is not stealing for personal gain or wealth, but for information in order to better their Knowledge of the world. Although I would still have a negative perspective of the thief taking other peoples belongings without asking, I would somewhat be able to understand their situation especially if they cannot afford them. However that is in my day, where information is readily available to anyone, unlike Liesel’s time where books were being burned on the streets. In that case I think there would be a very different reaction.

2.) To say that Liesels Life as a child shaped her future is an understatement. If she did not have the experiences she did as a child she would not have been the strong stubborn girl she was. Before she was born, her “kommunist” father was taken away and was never seen again, The absence of a father had a huge effect on Liesel who needed to become very headstrong in order to somewhat take his place in caring for her younger brother. On the train to her new life Liesels beloved brother suddenly dies and Liesel is abandoned by her mother in the Munich train station. Completely alone Liesel is overwhelmed by grief, but her struggle makes her incredibly resilient and headstrong and she has no problem beating up any bullies that come her way. Her background also leads her to becoming a very opinionated girl who is not afraid to voice her true feelings. however Liesels stubbornness also has a negative effect on her life as she is often unable to trust even the closest of friends and does not accept apology.

3.) The words found in books are immensely important to Liesel as they quench her never ending curiosity and are the special things that her and Papa share in their basement dictionary. Each word she learns Liesels reading and writing ability improves and they inspire her to make her own stories and tales. I believe the words Liesel Learnt kept Max Vandenburg alive through the long winter nights as she read to him and shared descriptive tales of the outside world, the one thing he yearned for. Soon Liesel began to notice the difference between the Nazis and her fellow neighbors this mostly due to the words she learned.

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