In our world evil can sometimes be easily defined. We see it in far away countries ruled by oppressive dictators and more close to home in the frightening sadism of mass murders and shooters. An example of evil would be Adolf Hitler. A profoundly immoral and cruel man who brought death to over eleven million […]

It is Summer. Light red bristles of the Pohutukawa float past your face in the warm breeze like little, lost, red sailors adrift in an ocean of calm. The large sandstone cliff you stand on is a living thing growing out of the sea, dragging up scraggly Epiphytes, Ancient shells and dark marble rocks with […]

Shantaram is a story shrouded in mystery. One that is partly true and partly false. The characters are created, yet records of them existing can be found in various documents. Gregory David Roberts escape from jail and arrival in Bombay is all true, but when does that truth end? Roberts unbelievable story describes his escape […]

The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury is a science fiction short story about a man lost in a strange futuristic society that does not welcome his ways, he is caught in the past and the whole world has changed without him. We are not entirely sure who the man is or why he is so different […]

Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text Symbolism in The Book Thief (portfolio):   In Nazi Germany, at the height of Hitler’s power the streets of Munich are dark and downtrodden. A once ruined nation has been “rebuilt” into a better Germany by the Fuhrer in order to retake the […]

Written by Wilfred Owen, Arms and the boy is a poem that gives readers an idea of the dirty politics, misunderstandings, innocence and the horrors involved with war in a time where most believed it to be a honorable and brave thing that proud patriots do. Set in world war one, the poem is a […]

1.) Initially, if someone told me they stole books I would be surprised, A book is not a thing a thief would usually steal. It would give me the impression that the thief is not stealing for personal gain or wealth, but for information in order to better their Knowledge of the world. Although I […]

Rudy is one of five Steiner siblings living on Himmel street with their parents, always hungry, Rudy is often wandering the streets in search of food and even though his circumstances seem dire he is always cheerful and even more so once Liesel arrives. Liesel is like a goddess to Rudy and he soon is […]

Robbie Craig – “Unbroken” reading response Unbroken is an unbelievable biography of the honorable and Harrowing Life experiences That Olympic runner Louis Zamperini endured during the cataclysmic time period of World war two. Set in America, Japan and many islands in the vast pacific, Unbroken tells of Louie’s time in the air force, his story […]

The Grave diggers Handbook: This book was immensely important to Liesel as it was the first book that she ever read, which kick started her reading education. The book also constantly reminded her of her dead brother, as the book was found in the snow after his burial.  Liesels feels that she will never go back […]