Rudy is one of five Steiner siblings living on Himmel street with their parents, always hungry, Rudy is often wandering the streets in search of food and even though his circumstances seem dire he is always cheerful and even more so once Liesel arrives. Liesel is like a goddess to Rudy and he soon is […]

Robbie Craig – “Unbroken” reading response Unbroken is an unbelievable biography of the honorable and Harrowing Life experiences That Olympic runner Louis Zamperini endured during the cataclysmic time period of World war two. Set in America, Japan and many islands in the vast pacific, Unbroken tells of Louie’s time in the air force, his story […]

The Grave diggers Handbook: This book was immensely important to Liesel as it was the first book that she ever read, which kick started her reading education. The book also constantly reminded her of her dead brother, as the book was found in the snow after his burial.  Liesels feels that she will never go back […]

1.) White: To a lot of people white symbolizes emptiness and space which is a great description of the landscape in which the first colour is set. This emptiness could also reflect how Liesel is feeling, as the loss of her brother has removed all joy and emotion from her life. the empty cleanliness of […]

Liesel: At the beginning of the book we learn that Liesel is confused and lost amid the crowds of the train station due to the death of her brother and her mother’s abandonment. She is lost within herself as well as she struggles to deal with her pain. Once Liesel is moved to her new […]

Midway through the book as war is declared on Germany, Death explains that Humans think war is about defeating the enemy. But in reality it is also about defeating him; “I have seen so many men over the years who think they are running at other men, they are not. They’re running at me.” This […]

Robbie Craig-The Book Thief extended text (By Markus Zusak)-15/14/2018 Set in Nazi Germany, in the shadow of the most destructive war in human history The Book Thief is an emotional and ambitious novel about the life and struggles of Liesel Meminger. Liesel is a young orphan girl with an insatiable love of books who lives […]

Robbie Craig Suicide in the trenches  (a poem by Siegfried Sassoon) Suicide in the trenches is a sobering war poem written by Siegfried Sassoon, a man deeply scarred by the first world war who expressed the horror and confusion of battle and death by using his ability to write raw, visceral poetry that lingered on […]

In his poems, Wilfred Owen uses many different language techniques such as personification, sibilance and alliteration to convey the fear and confused emotions created by modernized warfare and its effect on soldiers. In a time of great arrogance towards the suffering of millions of men dying on battlefields across Europe, Wilfred Owen created poetry that […]

Exposure is when a person is exposed for an extended period of time to extreme weather. In this poem Wilfred Owen described the harsh weather buffeting his garrison as a dangerous enemy by using personification. An example of the authors personification is seen in the first line of the poem where he writes “Our brains […]