Robbie Craig Suicide in the trenches  (a poem by Siegfried Sassoon) Suicide in the trenches is a sobering war poem written by Siegfried Sassoon, a man deeply scarred by the first world war who expressed the horror and confusion of battle and death by using his ability to write raw, visceral poetry that lingered on […]

In his poems, Wilfred Owen uses many different language techniques such as personification, sibilance and alliteration to convey the fear and confused emotions created by modernized warfare and its effect on soldiers. In a time of great arrogance towards the suffering of millions of men dying on battlefields across Europe, Wilfred Owen created poetry that […]

Exposure is when a person is exposed for an extended period of time to extreme weather. In this poem Wilfred Owen described the harsh weather buffeting his garrison as a dangerous enemy by using personification. An example of the authors personification is seen in the first line of the poem where he writes “Our brains […]

Words and vocabulary: Cattle: I believe the word cattle was chosen by the author to represent the millions of soldiers who died in the war as it shows how many were lost and how they were treated by their nations. The word “cattle” conveys a sense of mindlessness and sheep like behavior which is reflected in […]

Images: “Drunk with fatigue” gives the reader the image of the soldiers immense tiredness and shows us that the soldiers have been walking and fighting for a long time and they are not in a good mental state. The contrasting word “drunk” usually depicts a time of ignorant bliss, compared to fatigue which is negative, […]

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